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A C++/Qt library for parsing DELTA (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) files
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DeltaDataset Class Reference

#include <deltadataset.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DeltaDataset ()
void addCharacter (const DeltaCharacter &dChar)
void addItem (const DeltaItem &dItem)
bool attachNoteToChar (int charNum, const QString &note)
void clear (void)
bool setCharacterType (int charNum, DeltaCharacterType::TypeId type)
QStringList dumpAsText (void)


class DeltaParserPhase2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DeltaDataset::DeltaDataset ( )

Member Function Documentation

void DeltaDataset::addCharacter ( const DeltaCharacter dChar)

Adds the character dChar to the dataset. No check is made whether or not dChar is a duplicate.

void DeltaDataset::addItem ( const DeltaItem dItem)

Adds dItem to the item list. No check is made for duplicates.

bool DeltaDataset::attachNoteToChar ( int  charNum,
const QString &  note 

Attaches the note note to character charNum. False is returned if a character corresponding to charNum could not be found, otherwise true.

void DeltaDataset::clear ( void  )

Clears all characters and items from the dataset.

QStringList DeltaDataset::dumpAsText ( void  )

Returns a list of strings (in DELTA format) representing the dataset.

This function is not yet fully implemented
bool DeltaDataset::setCharacterType ( int  charNum,
DeltaCharacterType::TypeId  type 

Set (change) the DeltaCharacterType::TypeId type of the character corresponding to charNum. If no character with a character number of charNum can be found, this function does nothing and returns false.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DeltaParserPhase2 [friend]

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