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A C++/Qt library for parsing DELTA (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) files
Public Member Functions
DeltaCharacter Class Reference

#include <deltacharacter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DeltaCharacter ()
 ~DeltaCharacter ()
 DeltaCharacter (DeltaCharacterType::TypeId typeId)
bool isValid (void) const
int charNum (void) const
QString name (void) const
const DeltaCharacterStates states (void) const
QString units (void) const
DeltaCharacterType::TypeId type (void) const
double weight (void) const
void addNote (const QString &note)
void addState (int id, const QString &name)
void clear (void)
void setCharType (DeltaCharacterType::TypeId type)
int setDeltaCharNum (int to)
int setReliability (int reliability)
void setUnits (const QString &to)
void setName (const QString &to)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DeltaCharacter::DeltaCharacter ( )
DeltaCharacter::~DeltaCharacter ( )
DeltaCharacter::DeltaCharacter ( DeltaCharacterType::TypeId  typeId)

Member Function Documentation

void DeltaCharacter::addNote ( const QString &  note)
void DeltaCharacter::addState ( int  id,
const QString &  name 
int DeltaCharacter::charNum ( void  ) const
void DeltaCharacter::clear ( void  )
bool DeltaCharacter::isValid ( void  ) const
QString DeltaCharacter::name ( void  ) const
void DeltaCharacter::setCharType ( DeltaCharacterType::TypeId  type)
int DeltaCharacter::setDeltaCharNum ( int  to)
void DeltaCharacter::setName ( const QString &  to)
int DeltaCharacter::setReliability ( int  reliability)
void DeltaCharacter::setUnits ( const QString &  to)
const DeltaCharacterStates DeltaCharacter::states ( void  ) const [inline]
DeltaCharacterType::TypeId DeltaCharacter::type ( void  ) const
QString DeltaCharacter::units ( void  ) const [inline]
double DeltaCharacter::weight ( void  ) const

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