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A C++/Qt library for parsing DELTA (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) files
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DeltaParserPhase2 Class Reference

#include <deltaparserphase2.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DeltaParserPhase2 ()
 DeltaParserPhase2 (DeltaDataset *dataset, DeltaParseLog *log)
bool finalParseItemAttributes (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DeltaParserPhase2::DeltaParserPhase2 ( )
DeltaParserPhase2::DeltaParserPhase2 ( DeltaDataset dataset,
DeltaParseLog log 

Member Function Documentation

bool DeltaParserPhase2::finalParseItemAttributes ( void  )

Finalise parsing of the DELTA data. This function (and class) works on the in-memory structures created by the DeltaParser::parse() family of functions.

This function is called by DeltaParser::parse(DeltaDataset* dataset, const QStringList& filenames, bool abortOnAnyReadError = false) so normally there is no reason to call this function in user code. However, if the user code used DeltaParser::parse(DeltaDataset* dataset, const QString& fname) instead, then this function will need to be called by user code directly.
This function is called AFTER all the input files have been parsed; I.e. Item attribute values have been pre-parsed using preParseItemAttribute() (called during Phase-1 parsing)

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